Village Level Development Component

1.Community Mobilization:
CE is the key role player in social mobilization and organization at district level. The District Program Office of CE team strived to achieve the assigned target with zeal and cordial efforts. The process of formation of Community organization both men and women are being established through a process of social mobilization to gain momentum with more effective community involvement and interact with marginalized communities for development under the Village Land Development Component of project BADP-II. Since its inception CE has established and organized more than 300 COs in district Bannu including Frontier Region (FR).

2.Gender Development Forum:
Community Empowerment has established a Gender Development Forum at district Level to empower women so that they can fully participate and take full benefits from the project activities. Like other backward and disadvantaged district of KPK, Bannu is one of them where one can find visible discriminations at different levels, i.e. racial, ethnic, gender and religious. The gender is one of the very vital contemporary development issues, because it has been missing perceived in both developed and developing countries of the world. The manifestation of
male and female relationship is usually defined either by the so-called liberals or by the religious extremists. This dichotomy is needed to be challenged through a conscious process of dialogue on the phenomenon of particular cases. The Gender Development Forum is a flashlight on the sever issues, regarding Gender discrimination at family, society and regional level. It helps the participants to understand the primary gender myths and perceptions created in the socio-cultural framework in the district. Organizing GDFM helped to build network for effective information sharing of gender activities in the district. The District Program Office of CE organized Gender Forum Meeting each month under the specific and assigned target of Annual Work Plan of Barani Area Development Project. The participants were gathered from different segments of society ………. about Definition of Gender Development, Gender Mainstreaming, Gender Development and Equality and Gender Forum Networking.

3.  Training LHVs in Public Health School:
Community Empowerment identify and nominate women candidates through a process and procedure i.e. identification by different Women Community Organization, resolutions from women community organizations and thoroughly preparation of merit list by the District Program Office of district Bannu. The nomination list of candidates for LHV course is being forwarded and enrolled in Public Health School D. I. Khan for the period of two years course. Community Empowerment kept close coordination with PHS DI Khan and regularly monitored the candidates to complete successful respective course.
4. Training of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs):
The district has limited mobility of women to health services and facilities particularly during maternity and child bearing. CE organize and conduct 15-Day Training in Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) through the Office of the Executive Director (Health) as per work plan to help women and promote women health especially maternal care in birth delivery cases. The trained TBAs serve their community and help in reduction of mother and child mortality in the area. In training 15 Women from different Women Community Organizations (WCOs) participate and they are equipped with latest medical tools and equipment necessary for the assignment.

5. Health Awareness Campaigns:
Community Empowerment conducts Health Awareness Campaigns during each year to create awareness among the rural communities specifically women to understand the importance of health hygiene practices and its observance in their daily life.