Improving Village Based Girl’s Education Services

Girls Education Awareness Campaigns:
Community Empowerment organized Education Awareness Campaigns conducted at different locations of the district during each year to create awareness among the masses about importance of education in development and daily life. The campaigns carried out by involving youth, elders, educationist and other personnel from various walks of life to disseminate information and sensitized the masses for promotion of education.

Non- Formal Schools:
Access to basic education and achievement of primary education are among the most important goal of the project. Education is a vital prerequisite for combating poverty, protecting children from hazardous and exploitative labor and sexual exploitation, promoting human rights and democracy, empowering women, protecting the environment and influencing population growth. In order to address the comparatively low education coverage, the project documents envisage the establishment of Non Formal Schools in the project area. Community Empowerment has established fourteen Non Formal Schools in those areas where children has no access to primary education. Following are the detail of Non Formal Schools running by community Empowerment in the district Bannu.