Civil Society Alliance

Community Empowerment (CE) is intiating KP Civil Society Alliance to support NGO’s/ Civil Society Organizations operating in different parts of KP. The objective of the Alliance is to bridge the gap between the State Institutions and NGO Sector to solve above challenges. The Alliance will lead to develop conducive environment for NGO’s and regain the shrinking places.

Below are few of the major challenges of the industry:

  1. Legal Issues related to Renewal of Licences.
  2. Complicated procedure to obtain NOC to work within community.
  3. Extra compliance related issues imposed by Government.
  4. Complex procedure for Registration of New NGO’s.
  5. Restrictions/ Barriers on Opening of Bank Accounts for NGO’s.
  6. Very limited fund raising/ partnership opportunities for NGO’s.
  7. Restrictions on donor agencies to support NGO’s.
  8. Extra threats to NGO’s Management and Staff from the State institutions.