Barani Area Development Project (II)

CE is remains the implementing partner of Barani Area Development Project (GOVT: KPK) financially assisted by Asian development Bank (ADB), International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) and Govt. of KPK. The project is implementing through Social Organization Unit (SOU) in the whole district of Bannu to ensure active and effective participation of marginalized communities with project interventions. As Social Organization Unit (SOU) for Barani Area Development Project Phase-II, CE has been contracted to play its due role in community mobilization and work with Govt., line Departments in the project area.
Barani Area Development Project-II (BADP-II) is continuation of BADP phase-I. The Project aspires to reduce poverty in remote areas of NWF Province, particularly among small land holders and landless communities in arid and semi-arid areas. In addition, the Project strives to improve the status of women in the traditionally conservative areas where access and opportunities is limited or restricted. The project strive to enhance and improve agriculture, natural resources, community infrastructure rural livelihood opportunities and alternatives, particularly to boost women’s access to social and economic resources and development. The project is going to contribute in institutional development at the local level. The Project is based on the following two CORE objectives:
I. Poverty Alleviation
II. Improvement of Women’s Status